Monday, June 19, 2006

More Heflin fun...

Notable quotes from Updates...

"...Since the facts of Riddle's story are fully consistent with
seeing a copy-cat hoax there is really no "need" for Heflinites
to question his reliability..."

Who could these "Heflinites" be? The "convinced", perhaps?

Say it ain't Shough!!

Also, comments have been made that Riddle might have been shoughn "copycat" photos, while offering ZERO evidence that this is the case. But it "helps" the "Heflinite's" case. Hmmmm.

Also, after being strongly criticized for not performing my own re-creation experiments...which I was initially hoping would be done by some of the folks who claimed to already OWN the camera in question..."some" now claim it would be a waste of time except to shough that the Heflin photos could be duplicated, or to support Heflin authenticity by shoughing that a string WOULD be visible.

I don't know about you, but if the Heflin photos could be "duplicated" using nothing more than the same camera, similar conditions, some fine thread and a model train wheel, I think I would find the veracity of the Heflin photos...taken by a man now asserted (and not challenged) to have had model trains in his possession...very much in question. One of the tenets of the scientific method is repeatability. If I hypothesize that Heflin thought he could perpetrate a hoax using one of his train wheels and his camera, repeating the experiments would have something very close to "probative value". At least it would to unconvinced Non-Heflinite. :)

Besides, if my experiments and Victor's turn out to very closely approximate the Heflin photos, I will feel quite confident that the Heflin case is a hoax. The Heflion photos will have failed the "walks like a duck" test, and once more, the most likely explanation will be presumed to be the correct one...until someone comes up with a good reason to think otherwise. At least it will for me.

It would SURE be good if Ann would just allow the precious images to be re-scanned with modern equipment, in her presence, for the good of the research. It would go such a long way to laying at least some of the questions about this case to rest.

Of course, any or all of this may not be enough for Heflinites or others who are "convinced".

Shough-nuff! LOL

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