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More Heflin UFO photos?

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The photograph at left is from a website (linked to title) which adds this caption...

"...Hat UFO flying over a boat -- Rex Heflin, 1967..."

I have no idea if this caption is accurate, but the image is plainly from a "Fox Family" Television broadcast, and most likely from a television screen or videotape frame-grab.

While this is the only site I have found that posts this image, if the caption is correct and Rex Heflin indeed took this photograph, it certainly seems odd that one guy managed to photograph the same (or very similar) UFO over the course of two years. (The 'famous' Heflin UFO photos were shot in 1965).

If this is indeed a Rex Heflin photograph, either Rex was one lucky fellow, or he carried train wheels and fishing line around with him on at least a couple of occasions.

Anyone know anything more about this photo or a Fox Family special in which it might have been shown?

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When legitimate evidence of the UFO phenomenon appears, various unknown individuals, some of them probably on black op payrolls as disinformation spewers, release conflicting and confusing evidence to discredit the reliability of a case.

This method of cover-up is extremely common. It's how they've managed to hide the truth for so long.
The Heflin photos in Orange County are real. I saw that same object very close to the same day. I saw it on a Sunday from an airplane that I was flying. My wife and two other passengers also saw it. It very sad to see some idiots trying to discredit real siteings when they have now idea at all whats been happening for years. If you look up the old Register newspapers after Heflin's pictures were printed, you will find a small article about a pilot who also saw it. That was me and I was about 25 to 26 years old at the time. I don't wish to publish my name and I rarely tell people about that Sunday afternoon.. P.S. I think that object had been hanging around the area. I saw it on a different day I realized recently because I don't think Heflin was working on a Sunday..
I can not vouch for this particular instance, but I do recal seeing photos in a book once where several photos from different sources were shown and described as "Heflin type". Another time I saw photos attributed to Heflin that I did not remember seeing before, though they were of the same type of craft. I wondered then if there was a mixup over "type" and actual photos attributed to Heflin. The photos that were deffinitely attributed to Heflin were always very convincing to me for several reasons, and I always thought he must be very clever if he faked them. i do not think such a clever man would be so stupid as to pull the same stunt with the same bag of tricks at a different time, thinking he would get away with it.
You can find a detailed account and analysis of the only four Heflin photos here

Additional photos are never mentioned in the detailed case report, so the attribution to Heflin of the photo here, is erroneous. It is interesting though, to note not only the similarity of craft to the Heflin photos, but also the surrounding particulate matter, which was so hotly debated in anylizing those photos. One feature of the Heflin photo #1 that is annoyingly absent from the debate and analysis, is the aparent disturbance in the dust on the ground beneath the craft, as if it is being stirred up in some sort of turbulence.
Kyle, the site that this photo is from, spaceport666, has a lengthy diatribe called "Jim Morrison Impotent/ Govmnt Lies" deteailing how the auther of the site knows that Oliver Stone is producing films with subliminal messages, insinuating that Jim Morrison was impotent. The author states he knows this because he served in Vietnam with Oliver Stone where the two of them were subjected to massive doses of psychedelics and brainwashed. Oliver was programmed to produce films which portray Morrison as impotent and various films of his are sited as evidence , including playing some in reverse. With this in mind, we should perhaps find corroberating sources regarding the alleged Heflin photo, rather than taking the reference at face value.
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