Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mother ship over to plane???

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The Coast to Coast AM website offers this gem of a "UFO" photo.

Jeff Weelwine, a guy who normally shoots photographs of "rock pictures", photographed this "mothership" over Phoenix.

Only trouble is, besides the open-shutter smeared image of an airplane, there doesn't appear to be a UFO in the photo.

The give-away is the dots of light. When a camera takes a photo in the dark of night, the shutter stays open for a significant time. When an airplane passes through the camera field of view, the steady-on lights of the plane create a smeared "bar" of light. However, the flashing or strobing navigation and safety lights create a repeating dot pattern in the photo. The reason the smear in this photo is fairly short is because of the rather bright lights of the city below. The camera shutter stayed open too long to "stop" the plane's motion, but not long enough to produce a streak across the entire sky.

A cool photograph, certainly. A UFO Mothership? Hardly.

[via Coast to Coast AM]

your absolutely correct in this case.

However the phoenix lights where seen on video as well as pictures so this theory does'nt apply to that incident.
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