Thursday, June 01, 2006

Open Minds Uncover the Serponic Reality...UPDATED!!

I've been spending some time perusing a few forums lately regarding the Serpo story. For those of you who have been spared the gist, you can catch up (or not) at

Anyway, after someone was able to get some identifying information on the "leaker" called "Request Anonymous", the disclosures stopped. Then a NEW leaker popped up saying that Serpo was all disinfo, and that the REAL story was about something called Seinu.

Then, another poster started a new web site to debunk the Serpo story altogether...

So, the forum that brought the story out was "Above Top Secret" (ATS), which eventually killed the thread to prevent promoting what they deemed a hoax. Another forum..."Open Minds" (OM) picked up the thread. I joined, and was summarily banned after my first post due to apparently questioning the validity of the subject. "Open Minds" indeed. LOL

So, the folks that dug up the scoop on "Request Anonymous", started their own forum, "Reality Uncovered" (RU), where the discussion has moved to the involvement of Richard Doty, the existence or not of Anonymous #1 and #2, and how UFO hoaxes can generate income or not.

Whatever your take on Serpo, Seinu, etc., the discussions are occasionally interesting, and some of the participants take this stuff REAL seriously.

Caveat Emptor, but it's a fun diversion...especially for those interested in the antics of folks like Doty, who are infamous in UFOlogical circles.

Anyway, it's been a hoot.

And, while on the subject of forums, please take a minute and check out "UFO-Planet". I spend far more time there than at the others, and the conversations are friendly, and the folks are curious, curteous, and cool. Tell Martin I sent you!


In an epiphany, it would appear that "Reality Uncovered", and indeed perhaps the entire Serpo saga might be part of a "no nukes in space" scheme involving "Dr." Carol Rosin. Rosin is one of the Greer Disclosure clowns who seems to make a habit of being around when luminaries die (Werner von Braun and Tomothy Leary to name 2).

Rosin claims that von Braun told her that the military would create fake terrorist threats and asteroid threats and evil ET threats to convince people that weapons were needed up in space.

Rosin claims to be working against weapons in space. But, by heading up an organization like hers...with her "reputation", it seems more likely that the military and/or government might be propping up this organization in order to make being "anti space weapons" seem "kooky". In other words, I am beginning to think that Serpo was created to form factions between those that are "FOR" Rosin's ideas, or "AGAINST" them.

In the end, rational folks would side with weapons in space rather than be labelled a kook.

Seem at least as plausible as the govt. making people like Bob Lazar look credible at first and then to be made to look like a kook to keep people from "falling" for UFO/alien stories.

At any rate, I have severed ties with all of the above sites...except UFO-Planet. I like it Rosinite clowns, and little of the melodrama. Whew. LOL

[h/t to ATS, RU, OM, and UFO-Planet]

Hi Kyle, would you post up the 'post' which got you banned from the Open Minds forum?
Hi Anonymous -

I'd love to, except I cannot access the forum anymore, nor do I have any desire to.

In essence, I questioned the validity of some of the points made by one of the more "acceptable" members.

Thanks for writing!
Serpo is a hoax. Anyone who thinks it is not, does not want to know the truth because it is obvious.
Still, I find it fun and continue to follow it. Strangely no new info from anon in 2 months. Where are the 1000s of pictures taken on Serpo we were promised would soon be posted? I am waiting for those, they will add a whole new layer to the fun.
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