Friday, June 02, 2006

Selby, England..."Malibu" UFO...?

Will Beuche catches one on Updates...

Commenting on this photo (the one on the right), he finds it a little similar to something he found at (similar to the one on the left).

Nice catch, Will!

But the story said the photo was taken as the "UFO" hovered above a beauty salon. Well, if it was hovering ABOVE the salon, where was the photographer located to get this angle?

Looks like the photographer must have been in an adjacent UFO hovering just above this one to get this shot.

One thing "intrepid" investigator Russell Kellett said is likely accurate..."We know it's not simply plasma...". I couldn't agree more, Russell!

I imagine the salon owners lament the "craft" leaving, what with the loss of the nice landscape lighting and all...

[h/t to UFO Updates]

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