Monday, June 26, 2006

Shapers of the Future...Nathan Myhrvold.

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Former Microsoft "brain" and creator of the vaunted Microsoft Research think-tank, Nathan Myhrvold now heads up Intellectual Ventures, his tech startup, and plans to be the first successful "invention capitalist".

Gathering luminaries in various fields for brainstorming sessions, he hopes to amass a portfolio of patents and patent-holders to spur innovation, improve the world on a number of fronts, and to...umm...make LOTS of money.

Nathan is a mathematical physicist, a gourmet cook, studied cosmology at Cambridge Univ. with Stephen Hawking, sponsors archaeological digs, and combines these diverse interests with business know-how and contacts that are the envy of any Wall Street wannabe.

When future history books are written, don't be surprised to find Nathan Myrhvold's name prominently featured.

And if you get an idea for a paradigm-shifting new invention...give Nathan a call.

A sure-fire Shaper of the Future!

[via SlashDot]

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