Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tim plays the "Shell" game...

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Tim Shell once again puts into print (at UFO Updates) the opinion of MANY interested in UFOlogical progress.

PLEASE read this excellent essay! Just one excerpt...

"...I still find among the older researchers a definite predisposition
toward wanting these UFO things to be Bug-Eyed Aliens from Mars,
or something from a pulp magazine from the 30's-50's. "If it's
unknown, it must be aliens from another planet." Well, that
hypothesis didn't pan out any better than the others, did it? So
in a lot of ways the previous batch of researchers really
dropped the ball. They got side-tracked and obsessed with cases
they thought had "undeniable proof," and wasted a lot of time
and effort."
There is hope for UFOlogy, and Tim and others like him constitute the vanguard, IMHO.

Bravo, Tim!

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I have never heard anyone suggest aliens are bug eyed creatures from Mars. I haven't even heard any "real" researcher who were completely sure they were from space rather than another dimension, or even within the earth. That seems to be the favorite of the choices, but I don't think any of them would bet the farm on it. I don't know who these older researchers are that he is referring to, but I must have missed them somewhere.
We all get obsessed about certain things from time to time. I don't necessarily think it is a waste of time depending on what they are working on, so they will never have complete proof, I doubt anyone no matter what they work on ever will.
Hi Lesley -

From what I see of the researchers at UFO Updates, there certainly seems to be a clear division of opinion between those that cling to a "physical distance/other planet/alien creature" ETH versus a "extra-dimensional/ancient civilization/advanced human time-traveler" ETH.

I WILL say however that I was surprised to see Stan Friedman allow for the extra-dimensional hypothesis in a recent post. That was unexpected.

But your mileage may vary.

I think that until we DO get something more tangible in the way of evidence, either road is viable.

Excluding either avenue seems premature, IMO.

The folks to which Tim was referring are a small group...but very much in the "respected old guard".

I have no quarrel with those who advocate either stance. I do have a quarrel with those who would exclude either out of hand as "illogical" or "unsupported by evidence".

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence...or so I've heard. LOL

Thanks again for writing! I enjoy your comments, and you make excellent points. I wish you would consider posting at Updates. A fresh perspective is always welcome (well, by most), and there's a shortage of female Listers...I can count them on one hand. :(

I posted there for quite some time, but when I changed email clients (to Thunderbird) I can't seem to get the formatting right, and they wont post my emails. But I read the summaries regularly, hence my "posts by proxy" here. LOL
He would have to confirm this, but I think he meant the Golden Age researchers, particularly the ones Dick Hall was referring to that worked for NICAP (and APRO and MUFON) that had credentials of scientists and engineers. Back in those days (our beginning of the Exploration of Space), getting involved in UFO research had the primary motivation of confirming the ETH and thus leapfrogging our own exploration efforts or at minimum providing added impetus. The lesser but other likely motivation was the joy of solving a mystery which is strong in scientists and engineers. However, what is good about those particular guys was that although this may have motivated by the ETH, they still had critical thinking to allow them to avoid force fitting everything into the ETH. Sadly, many gave up the pursuit and did not go to the next logical step of proactive data gathering.
I would agree. I have no problem if someone advocates for a certain POV, but they shouldn't totally dismiss other possibilities. I think I don't have much experience with the old guard that was being referred to. To me, old guard is Stanton and I know he always leaves the door open even though he leans towards the coming from space theory.
I am a bit intimidated to post to updates just yet. Also, I don't often have time to keep up on all the posts. I imagine eventually something will catch my eye and that I won't be able to keep my mouth shut about it.:)
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