Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dr. Maccabee...promoted!

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Dr. Bruce Maccabee, a UFOlogical researcher for whom I have a great deal of respect in spite of a few "mis-cues" noted here before, has been deemed "the world's foremost UFO expert". While I doubt that Bruce himself provided that description, I do think it is a tad bit overstated.

A skilled optical physicist, it remains to be seen how he...or anyone for that matter...could be labeled a "UFO expert", since he has no more an idea of what UFOs are than anyone else.

Undeterred, the article then seeks to reinforce this assertion by adding that he,

" with the Roswell UFO Museum.".

Uh oh.

You want to talk about "guilt by association"? The Roswell "museum" is nothing more than a tourist facility with lots of books on hand and a couple of hokey dioramae depicting UFOs and aliens. No academic staff, no research projects or field investigations, nada.

After viewing the frame of the video on the page linked in the title above, it seems a fair preliminary conclusion that the "object" is a bird. Of course, we will await Dr. Maccabee's expert opinion before passing final judgment.

Just for reference, the location of the sighting is the Auckland Viaduct looks like this. Can you imagine a bird living in a place like this? Call me "gull"-ible, but I think perhaps so.

If I were video-taping the Viaduct Basin and a pigeon...or pelican :) ...flew across the camera frame (something I feel might occur with great frequency given the locale), I would imagine a frame-grab looking suspiciously like this image. But I could be mistaken!!

I'm just saying...

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I noticed the same lame association when I read the article. Geez.
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