Monday, July 10, 2006

Empty space has more than ZERO energy???

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Lawrence Krauss, author of "The Science of Star Trek", took a meeting with some luminaries of several disciplines, and reached some startling conclusions. The talks ranged from the plausibility of the "multiverse" to the validity of String theory as a theory; from "cosmic natural selection" to the "energy of empty space being greater than zero".

These talks have a bearing on a number of current UFO theories including their origin(s), their means of propulsion, their possible goals in this "dimension", and the very meaning of human perception.

Heady stuff to be sure, but some very intriguing thinking by some very intriguing people. Worth a read by anyone who wonders how much "Science" really doesn't know. (Hint...a LOT!)

Oh, and they all got to ride in a submarine. Whee!

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I loved going to airshows as a kid back in Michigan. The family would pile up and head to one part or another of the state to see all the awesome aircraft.

The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds were always my favorites. I found some video of a Thunderbird accident with one lucky pilot. You can find a ground shot and cockpit shot here:
I suspect that at the looming concrescence, abundantly indicated by science's increasingly more vertical and asymptotic (?) graph lines, there will be _infinite_ energy at that point of empty space.
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Cool site. Thanks for stopping by.

Alfred -

Man, I hop you are right on that one. We're squeezing the sponge dry and a little help from the "ether" would be poetic...and welcome.

Thanks again!
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