Thursday, July 13, 2006

First known ET film footage missing!?

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When Apollo 11 landed on the moon, many of us sat in front of the TV watching as Armstrong made the halting descent down the LM ladder. My dad let my brother and I stay up late to see it live (two days after my 9th birthday). As the first true film of Extra-terrestrial life in existence, this footage remains among the most significant in human history, if not in Ufological lore. :)

Unfortunately, the picture we saw on our TV screens was a pale imitation of the "slow-scan TV" (SSTV) signal seen by others due to "scan-conversion" for American TV. The image above is a photograph of the live footage in this format. This SSTV footage was recorded and stored in a facility in Australia.

More unfortunately, virtually ALL of this footage has come up missing(2MB PDF). Also, the only remaining facility which is capable of displaying this footage is scheduled to close soon!

Here's hoping that this historic footage is located and re-digitized for posterity!

[h/t to Slashdot]

Actually, the tapes were all shipped to the US (as per NASA standard procedure).

They were stored at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. No-one at the time realised how much better the slow scan TV was - and as a result, the tapes were stored with all the other tens of thousands of Apollo telemetry tapes.

If the guys at the tracking stations in Australia had known this would happen, they would have kept copies!
Hi Anonymous -

Yes, it would have been prudent for those guys to have kept copies, bit who knew? LOL

Thanks for the additional information. It's such a shame when old technology gets left behind...along with lots of data we can no longer access...or find!

Thanks for writing.
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