Thursday, July 13, 2006

Global Warming of a different sort...and of decidedly HUMAN origin

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As events planet-wide begin to turn more and more to war...continued insurgent strikes against American troops and increasing sectarian attacks in Iraq, the tension between Israel and the Palestinians, Russian and Chechen escalation, tensions rising between the US, North Korea, China and even Japan, and now with this offensive by Israel against Hezbollah militants in Lebanon intensifying with each passing hour, I think we need to pause for a moment.

Ask yourself...

How has the current way of doing things improved the lives of the inhabitants of this small globe?
For every advance it seems we suffer a three-fold setback.

How have we actually progressed as a species, other than to have created far more convenient methods with which to destroy one another, and the "moral" justification for using them?
The example we have set does not bode well.

How can we continue as a species to conduct ourselves in this manner?
We dare to export this method of running a world to other planets at our further peril.

Is the evolutionary end-game nothing more than that moment when a species gains the ability to cause its own extinction and a "just cause" for which to do so?
We may have little to fear from mere "climate-change" after all.

How long before we are ALL engulfed in this cycle of violence and face extinction by our own hands through ill will or mishap?
Our children may be the first in generations not to know a time without war.

How can it end when the institutions and powers that brought us to this place rule the world?
The profitability of war and an increasingly intolerant population seem to be convergent agents.

How can things change if the only way to EFFECT change is more death, destruction, mayhem and chaos?
Change = Chaos.

How is it that so much death, destruction, mayhem and chaos is being done in the name of God?
God seems to be a very minor actor in this play, if he is on the cast list at all.

At what point does the particular God to which you pray no longer matter?
Whichever one you choose...pray for the leaders; pray for the combatants; pray for the innocent; pray for mankind; pray for an end to this madness.

Oh, it’ll end, Kyle. Reality will prevail. The war dead may never be entirely counted nor the actual figures released, but they’ll be dead. The bill will come due – even if it’s hidden in a ‘supplemental budget’ and our children’s children pay dearly, it will still come due. This reckless ride will come to an end like a thrashing dive off a building top. Let’s pray it’s a short building and mankind lands on something soft.
Hey Bill -

From your "lips" to the "ears" of whichever deity can do the most good. LOL

Thanks for writing.
Bill... Kyle...

Why do you hate America so much?

You're either with or against the current administration, in a time of War (...after Obama bin Hussein attacked us 9/11...), and what you both are engaging in? Well... none dare call it treason, you know?
Alfred -

You so funny. :)

But it is rather frightening that the sentiment expressed in your comment is all too common in "the land of the free and the home of the brave"?

Hopefully the warm breeze I feel today is a harginger of "winds of change" to come, and soon.

Thanks for writing!
Oh, and...

Why does the name Alfred "LimBush" come to mind? LOL
...Cause you smell the broken wind of change and realize that, like myself, you should change your name to Kyle Bush-King... ...wait... maybe we should re-think that... or not... eh? Poke-poke ... nudge-nudge, say n'more, say n'more! LOL!
AVG Blog --
Alfred -

Lest "delicate" eyes be watching...

Yep...Say n'more in-DEED! LOL
Naw -- Mr. Kimball was a Mountie. I'd bet he could hang with it. Besides... "Kimbush" sounds more than just a little salacious even as "BushBall" seems a little disturbing, and not in a good way... seems so strangely apt.
AVG Blog --
Alfred - I never want to see you put the words Bush and King in a sentence again!
Kyle - You must not be watching enough TV. You are suppose to realize that you need to be protected from the evil doers in any way possible.
Hi Lesley -

Thanks for getting my back against that dastard Lehmberg. LOL

And you busted me...besides House, Good Eats and Daily Show (and my Tivo and DVD film collections), my exposure to television is woefully inadequate for the "security at ANY cost" virus to infect me.

And I protect myself against the possibility of "pod-based" infection by never ever sleeping. :)

Thanks again!
You're right Lesley... what _could_ I have been thinking?

Kyle -- "I apologize" for the affront even as it occurs to me you might owe me a similar apology... seeing as how you, well, I don't know... ...STARTED IT!

AVG Blog --
Alfred, Lesley -

In the interest of familial bliss, I hereby declare my "Limbush" reference a complete parody and attempt...perhaps with mediocre humor. :)

But I don't guess it should be any surprise that the humor fell a little flat, what with the point of the initial post and all.

And I would have to admit that some applying the "Bush" moniker to ANYONE is a bit...tawdry.

Familial... I like that. Makes me feel all warm and tingly...
AVG Blog --
You _look_ warm and tingly. And who would think with all that warmth and tingle, you'd have such a treasonous heart - and your accusations of same all psychological projection?
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