Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To another year gone by...

[Image to left taken in April, 1978...ouch!]

Well, it happens that sometime on July 18, 1960 marks the moment I first saw the light of day...well, besides the murky glow of the outside from the inside of mommie's warm, safe and secure womb.

1960 was to be the beginning of quite a decade here in America. The Cuban missile crisis, the moon landing, the Kennedy/King/Kennedy assassinations, the Chicago 7, Woodstock, LSD, Flower Power, Free Love, the British Invasion, the list seems endless.

And I was only 10 when it ended, ushering in the 70s...the deaths of Hendrix/Joplin/Morrison, bell bottoms, platform shoes, disco...well you know the rest.

So I stand here today...46 years adolescent...in a very strange new world. War, religious intolerance, misplaced moral outrage, political demagoguery everywhere, education in a dismal state, good health care exceedingly available only to a rare few, energy costs that dwarf anything seen here before, massive natural...and man-made...disasters in the news every...or every other...day.

And I dare to remain...upbeat!? What kind of fool must I be?

Well, I have the wealth that comes from loving and being loved by my two favorite people on this rock...my betrothed and my son...and I have friends...some that span 3 decades or more, and I have all my (albeit diminishing) faculties. I have all my fingers, toes and assorted limbs and organs...I even have my tonsils and my appendix. All I've lost are my wisdom teeth and the vast majority of my hair...and admittedly I shed a tear or two on occasion for the steady loss of that last. :( And perhaps I've lost a little youthful self-confidence..."VERY little", most of my friends would say. Fair enough. Regardless, I feel very wealthy indeed. :)

As I've noted to many before, I plan to be living well into my 150th year, so by that measure I'm just a presidential term away from the 1-third mark in my time on this mortal coil. A mere whipper-snapper still, in my view.

But the real reasons I find myself upbeat? The promises of which we stand on the very brink: Space travel in my lifetime; medical advances that could well eliminate disease, and deformity, and death from a host of environmental causes; scientific advancement in the elimination of many pollutants, new energy sources...or old ones brought to new and geometrically increased utility; changes in attitude; a renewed interest in the earth, its processes and our place in them; political winds shifting to a new...or ANY other...direction; and the knowledge that our younger generations...fraught with afflictions like video games, short attention spans, and increasing violence though they may be...will be FAR better prepared to face this uncertain future than was MY generation, or those before it.

I remain against all odds and common sense, in a word...Optimistic.

Perhaps I am further along toward old age than I think, and it is early-onset dementia that explains the couching of such an attitude. If so, fine. I accept that diagnosis, just as I commit to enjoying it for at least another hundred years.

My most fervent hope is that this decade...known as the "00s", the "aughts", or even "naughts"...ends with a whimper and not a bang, and that the damage done in this one is remembered, and serves as a lesson for all the decades to come. The millenium has not begun in so auspicious a manner. Let's hope that we can, as a species, do better.

I think we can...I think we can...I think we can. Lather, rinse, repeat...

To those that know, I Love you. To those that don't, I love you too!

Ok, then. Move along. Nothing more to see here...

[via my parents and everyone else who helped to make me]

Happy birthday, Kyle.

Thanks, PK!
Nice summation on the state of the aggregate stone, Kyle. Now we grow old together. It's gonna be fun.

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Alfred -

"...It's gonna be fun."

If I have anything to do with it!!
Happy Birthday Kyle!

If we survived blond leather clogs and robin egg blue leisure suits, we can (and _must_) survive anything. It's not dementia, Kyle, its the low spark of high heeled boys. Happy B-day.
You still rock my world... you still make my heart sing... you still make me laugh until I snort (often against my will)... you still make my toes curl, my knees weak, my palms sweat, my insides turn to jelly and my pulse race.

I don't care how much of your hair you lose, or how fast you lose it... you still make me the happiest woman on earth and I love you.

Happy Birthday sweetheart... while there are still 4 minutes left of it!!!

(And how many men get an entire stage of bellydancers crawling, gyrating, pulsing and quivering just for them on their birthday??? Not many, that's for sure - it's good to be da King, yes?)
Regan, Bill -

Thanks in turn for your comments.

Ayana -

We should probably "get a room". Oh!! We already HAVE one! Off with us then!!! LOL
Happy birthday Kyle! Stay optimistic! I think if we all at least tried to be optimistic the world would be a much better place!
Oh you're just saying all that stuff cause it's true, Ayana, you're not fooling anybody!

And hey! Loosen-up, girl, fa-godsakes. So stiff and reserved... so ...non- feeling. You could cool juice!


Seriously! Way to contribute to global warming... ...I felt the heat all the way over here and freaking glaciers are retreating at the poles!

Reminds me a-my yout... back ina day when I still had some lead in my pencil... sigh... [g].

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Alfred, you've pegged me... I can no longer hide the truth. They've always called me "Ice Queen" for the very reasons you so aptly detailed.

Kyle constantly rails against my conservative nature, to no avail. Such a PATIENT man to put up with such a cold fish... *sigh*

*wink, wink, nudge, nudge... *
...say n'more, say n'more...


AVG Blog -- http://alienviewgroup.blogspot.com/
Lesley -

Thanks! I'll certainly keep up my end of the bargain!

Ayana -

"Alfred, you've pegged me..." Hmm.

Alfred -

Perhaps the "pen" is mightier than the "sword"...or, err..."pencil". LOL

Thanks to you all! It was a damn good day!
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