Monday, July 10, 2006

UFO Reflections Babe of the week...#1

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Seeing as Monday is typically the least enjoyed day of most peoples' week, I offer up a little morsel of Monday "eye candy" I'll imaginatively call...Babe of the Week.

Our inaugural lass is a fiery redhead from Houston, Texas (born and bred). She's an Information Technology Project Manager by day, and a budding entrepreneur by night.

I'm also lucky enough to share a home with her. And it's to my great fortune that she enjoys being photographed.

So, congratulations to our first UFOR BOTW!

[Photo and post-processing by Kyle King]

I wonder if Mr. Kimball can perceive the difference typified at all the different levels reflected. Photography _is_ an art.

Lovely woman... ...and at all the aforementioned levels, too, I'm betting. Obviously posed... but doesn't _look_ that way. And great suffering ZOT! That hair!
AVG Blog --
Thank you, Kyle...

And my goodness, Alfred, I believe you've elicited a blush... something not easily achieved!

With a saucy wink over the shoulder and toss of "that hair"...

...Knees appropriately if respectfully buckled, ma'am...
AVG Blog --
Lovely and tasteful Kyle. Kudos Ayana!
Alfred -

Cannot speak for Paul, but I imagine he appreciates the female form as much as the next. :)

Ayana -

But of course. :)

Lesley -'s hard to take a bad photo of such loveliness. The hard part is having batteries charged at the appropriate moment...which I suppose applies in MANY situations beyond the photographic... LOL
Mmmmmmmmno. No, somehow I don't think he does. I suspect, just based on "waddling," "quacking" "known fruit" and ardent recriminations of errant "pots and kettles." a "double Xer" (too!) has a limited utility in Mr. Kimball's universe... my opinion of course. [g].
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