Monday, July 17, 2006

UFO Reflections BOTW...#2

[Click image for slightly larger version]

Stepping into the spotlight this week is a decidedly feline-esque lady from my extensive archives.

She purrs, growls and occasionally roars, in true "I am Woman" fashion. demonstrated here...can be quite a "handful". *ahem*

While she displays no stripes or spots (besides a few freckles), her quiet grace, lithe movement, and the aforementioned purrs, growls and roars bely the cat-like aspect barely hidden.

By the way, this image is from one of those old fashioned cameras...the kind that use film and stuff.

Believe it or not, it used to be the only way to get photos...and you often had to have a fairly open-minded clerk at the photo lab to get them home. LOL

Here's to this week's UFO Reflections Babe of the Week!

PS...any resemblance to last weeks Babe is purely intentional.

Until next week!

Where's the image?
Hey Mac -

Apparently my web host has been bouncing today. Should be up now. She'll be happy to accept blame for downing the server. :)

Thanks, and no slobbering. LOL

Nice photo Kyle!
Hey Regan -

Thanks. She's a delight to photograph.

And usually a willing guinea pig, as it were.
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