Monday, July 31, 2006

UFOR Babe of the Week...#4

This weeks Babe is "bound" to look a little familiar by now. Our saucy ma'am is dressed to maim, and blowing a kiss in a decidedly provocative outfit.

Luckily the kiss she's blowing is with her lips rather than the cat or crop...Ahem.

Redheads in leather definitely have more fun...depending on your definition of "fun". :)

Until next week!

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Wow! ...Portrait of a woman who could make me write a bad check!

AVG Blog --
Pulling out an old pic like this will definitely get me back in front of the camera.. egad!!!

Alfred, come over here so I can scratch behind your ears...

Right! ...And who shall I make that check out to?
AVG Blog --
Alfred -

I should say that as the liason, or should that be chaperone...perhaps the check should be made out to me? :)

And you saw her words...more photo ops coming soon! But I still have a few more from the archives in case they are needed.

Thanks for writing!
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