Monday, July 24, 2006

UFOR BotW...#3

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Robed and bespangled, our latest Miss Monday smolders despite the accoutrement, and positively glows. She casts her eyes into the distance, to peer into unknown realms...her domain of choice.

From a "Goth" shoot...not enough of those these days.

If she looks familiar, it must be a coincidence. :)


I don't want to appear appropriately over-anxious but the second picture is not coming up.

God but that hair... It's like an entity all its own altogether! The brain pushing it out of the top of her head must be a joy to behold, verily!
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Alfred -

Sorry pal...due to a minore html error, I duplicated the image link down the post...malformed to boot. There is but one image for this post. I have edited the post to remove the offending code.

You'll have to wait until next week...hopefully it wont disappoint. LOL

And yes, the hair is the subject of much comment...and enjoyment. The brain to which you refer, equally so.

Thanks for writhing...err...writing!
Writhing was closer to the mark hoss... Ah gots ma knees clenched fer sure... ...but respectfully so. [g].
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