Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hoagland gets a theme song?

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Richard C. Hoagland has been singing the siren song of Cydonia for years now, so I guess it's about time a rock group (Muse) immortalized the place in a music video..."Knights of Cydonia". Yup. And what better name for a Hoagland anthem?

The video in question must be seen to be believed, but the driving beat, incoherent lyrics, and ethereal background singing seems most appropriate for the rather grandiose...if not "hyper"-bolic...Hoagland.

The only thing that would have sealed the deal would have been a cameo by "Richard C" himself.

What I found most weird...and there is PLENTY of weird in this video...was that the town of Cydonia has 143 citizens. Does this number have any "hyperdmensional" significance? :)

Only RCH knows for sure...

By the way, there IS another group and album named simply, "Cydonia", but it's not nearly as fun, or "Hoaglandesque" as this one, and they don't have an actual song with Cydonia in the title.

[via Yahoo Music]

"Too legit." :-)
British electronic group The Orb also have an album titled "Cydonia."
Mac -


Chris -

I imagine there may be even more of them...out there...

Thanks for writing.
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