Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Total Recall"...of a sort. PKD is smiling...

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Moscow's Persey Tours now offers "fake vacations". They will set you up with a complete record of your vacation...ticket stubs, landmark photos with your image added, and more...for around $500USD.

One oil exec actually paid for an artificial moon trip!

While it may seem odd to pay for such memorabilia that represent a trip you never really took, if you think about your own vacations, it is usually the photos and mementos that we turn to to remind us of the experience(s), so perhaps this kind of artificial "self-prompting" is the way of the future...at least for those with little time or money for such excursions.

Essentially, this is an...albeit less immersive...version of the "extra-factual memories" embodied in the Philip K. Dick story "We can Remember This for you Wholesale", from whence Total Recall was inspired.

How long before "Total Recall" and "Brainstorm" become "reality" (or vice versa?)...and how much longer before they are considered passe'? Frightening and exciting times ahead, indeed.

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"Give those people air!"
Mac -

Obviously the photo resolution doesn't allow you to see their "super-evolved" breathing apparatus.

Conceived upon the discovery of high levels of sub-surface water...

...those folks have gills!!! LOL

(Looks good in the "brochure" anyway)

I don't think Persey Tours is real, every article has the exact same rip and read...and no website for Persey Tours...
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