Monday, August 07, 2006

UFOR BotW...#5

[Click image for full-sized version]

While photos of women with cats always seem to elicit rather sophomoric "pussy" jokes, this one rises above such demeanor.

The comfortable serenity and obvious affinity with which women relate to felines is readily apparent in this image.

Of course, the number of takes that it took to get this shot might make mincemeat of such an assertion, but no's still a wonderful image.

Our venerable Babe is nothing if not patient... :)

Until next week!

Lovely Kyle!
Wow! That _is_ nice! I'll just be standing over here with my checkbook in the sping-loaded "ready-go" position... She could make me contribute money to CSICOP, I suspect!
AVG Blog --
Hoagland is full of shit, he's just a stupid jerk-off, and and anyone who believes his crap is a stupid dick wad !!!
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