Saturday, May 20, 2006

Creative Hallmarks...

Just read the following on UFO Updates and had to post and comment...Victor Golubic is a good researcher who posts fairly regularly on Updates here lately. But recently...
Victor Golubic says -
"One of the hallmarks of creativity is to be able to take in the sum total of something, realize the immediate insanity of it, and not get caught up too unnecessarily in the fine details that rattle around in a Hollow container devoid of any shape or final meaning. "
Realizing the immediate insanity in something, and avoiding getting caught up unnecessarily in the details of said something is a hallmark of creativity? Really? And the fine details are those that rattle around in a "H"ollow (don't know why hollow needs to be capitalized) container devoid of any shape or final meaning?? Does ANY of this have anything to do with creativity?

Oh, and then this...
"However, some like to get caught up in the insanity of something and we call them comedie - though they're just as brilliant. :)
So...if you like to get caught up in the "insanity of something", we call that comedy which can be just as brilliant...but presumably not creative?? Are we contradicting here? Can someone please explain what these words are supposed to mean? Sounds like nonsense to me.

Well, at least Victor isn't aiming to offend...
"I'm not attacking anyone here and value all opinions greatly and we all fully realize our dilemmas."
I'm glad he's not attacking anyone, because I'm pretty sure they would have NO IDEA they were being attacked...LOL But maybe I'm wrong...dunno. And"...we all fully realize our dilemmas..."?? I think that's some kind of code "ever pick yer feet in Poughkeepsie?". Yup...I think so...

I think comedy can be very creative. I think dwelling on the minutiae of a subject and divining the truth therein can be very creative. I think that people who dwell on the big picture to the exclusion of the details are typically not very creative. I think someone creative once said, "the devil's in the details".

IMO, creativity is an ability to forge new thoughts and ideas from the ore of previous thoughts and ideas...and...refine and shape those thoughts and ideas between the hammer of intellect and the anvil of perception. It can be for any or all of the senses, and perhaps none. It can be for any or all people, and perhaps none.

Creativity is pretty cool until people start to apply "hallmarks" to it, and attempt to apply values to it.

I'm curious what Victor meant, as for the life of me I cannot decipher this post at all.

I think he may have been trying to insult someone, but I just really can't tell. HELP!?

[via UFO Updates]

Fence to keep aliens out?

[Click title to view article]
So the Senate thinks a 370-mile fence along the US/Mexico border is just the thing to keep the "aliens" out?

Fences, walls...hmmm, haven't we tried that idea before?

What was it that Reagan said just before the Cold War ended? Something about a wall? Maybe just a Pink Floyd reference...

Well, at any rate, this design to the left looks pretty effective. The plain sides provide space for artistic beautification, no?

I should add one recommendation...whenever your country decides that a barrier to prevent aliens from coming in is a good idea, I think another really good idea is to learn how to climb barriers.

One can never be too sure whether a fence is keeping outsiders out...or insiders IN. And our govt. has been building some pretty elaborate "guest villages" lately.

Hmmm..."That government oppresses best which oppresses least"...or something like that.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

NASA asks for help...NEO/NET very much alive!

NASA has issued a request for papers describing or discussing alternative methods of detecting and deflecting Near Earth Objects which pose a threat.

As UFOlogy shuns astronomy (a la SETI), and struggles to find relevance in the 21st century, is this the outreach that could finally bridge the gap?

Could UFOlogy embrace the UAP/NEO field as a way to garner broader participation, appreciation, recognition?

Is the search for air-...and space-borne threats what may finally unite the various "factions" within UFOlogy, and in fact the larger scientific community?

Might the equipment, minds, and money of the scientific establishment finally find its way into the eager hands, hearts and heads of UFOlogy?

Could the melding of the search for ET, the watch for threats, and the science of avoiding catastrophe lead to a scientific renaissance...or even a "new" science?


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Invasion repelled?

ABCs alien invasion series, aptly rumored to have been cancelled. The season (and apparently series) finale airs Wednesday night.

Now, I know this show doesn't rise to the significance of the Condign Report, or any of a number of "serious" UFO topics, but as a sci-fi TV fan I'm disappointed.

The series touched on several aspects of UFOlogy that have been popularized of late.

From water-borne ET beings and craft to alien/human "hybrids", from government cover-up to military complicity, from whistleblowers to blogging, Invasion incorporated all these and more.

I for one will miss the show, and particularly Dave Groves (played by Tyler Labine, pictured above). His "blogger cum conspiracy theorist cum anti-alien hero" character was what drew me to the show in the first place. The remainder of the cast includes a couple of comely lasses...never a bad thing in the sci-fi game...and some really bad folk.

In the scheme of things, not a big deal. But now my Wednesday nights are lamentably a little more "free".

[via Sci-Fi Storm]

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