Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tim plays the "Shell" game...

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Tim Shell once again puts into print (at UFO Updates) the opinion of MANY interested in UFOlogical progress.

PLEASE read this excellent essay! Just one excerpt...

"...I still find among the older researchers a definite predisposition
toward wanting these UFO things to be Bug-Eyed Aliens from Mars,
or something from a pulp magazine from the 30's-50's. "If it's
unknown, it must be aliens from another planet." Well, that
hypothesis didn't pan out any better than the others, did it? So
in a lot of ways the previous batch of researchers really
dropped the ball. They got side-tracked and obsessed with cases
they thought had "undeniable proof," and wasted a lot of time
and effort."
There is hope for UFOlogy, and Tim and others like him constitute the vanguard, IMHO.

Bravo, Tim!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stan Friedman drinks the Koolaid...and drains the cup.

In a moment of intellectual "acid tripping" beyond belief, Roswell (and supposedly "Real") researcher Stanton Friedman said this at UFO Updates...
"...Thousands of abductees and physical trace case witnesses from all over the world describe beings that don't look like Earthlings and vehicles that look and act like no known Earthling produced vehicle. Therefore they were produced somewhere other than earth which means they are of ET origin..." WTF!!!!!!?

Now, I don't care if you believe, don't believe, or have no opinion on the subject of UFOs, this is the most ludicrous assertion I have yet to hear from someone who is a respected member of the UFOlogical community.

As if there can be only one of two possibilities as to the source of UFOs...contemporary human constructions, albeit secret, or extraterrestrial objects...such an assertion is so beyond the pale, one wonders what Stan is smoking these days...or if his medication has simply run out.

Eugene Frison, Tim Shell and Bob Shell very rightly take him to task at UFO Updates (Eugene's reply is linked from the title of this post), but what is conspicuous is the silence from the rest of the community.

The schism between the "old guard" and the new in Ufology is becoming clearly...and embarrassingly...obvious.

A sign of a desperate attempt to remain relevant...and a sad one at that.

As with all things human, decay, decline, and denial...ultimately...desolation.

None shall dare to get your back on this one, Stan. And no one should. Game over, I'm afraid.

Unbelievable but inevitable I guess.

A non-UFO moment...

As we celebrate the killing of a human being...Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi...and we surely will celebrate, please take a moment to read the article linked at the title of this post.

Sidney Blumenthal reveals that George Bush...SENIOR...attempted to have Defense Secty. Donald Rumsfeld replaced, but was rebuffed by reigning monarch G. W. Bush.

The article goes into great detail about not only this episode, but also into the larger story of how this conflict has gone so wrong so quickly...and so predictably.

That ALL the President's men said this was a fool's a few neo-con NON-MILITARY suits in the White House...speaks to why the elder Bush felt compelled to once again exert a little parental control over a rebellious child.

Please read it, and whenever someone tells you we could never have predicted the current state of the Iraqi conflict, pass them the link.

It is not sensational, it is not an anti-Bush diatribe. It is the plain truth, supported by the words of actual participants on the ground...American and other coalition participants.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


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Next time you see a flying triangle in the sky, it might be just a special forces dude doing his thing.

This uber-cool getup is the latest thing in paratrooper hotrodding.

German company ESG has created these carbon-fiber "mono-wings" to allow paratroopers to drop from a high-altitude aircraft 120 miles(!!) from their target, carry 200 lbs. of gear inside the mono-wings, and deploy a typical parachute once the target landing zone is reached.

The next step per the company is the addition of small jets to increase range.

As Will Smith said in ID4..."I gotta get me one of THESE!!"

No word on when they will be available for the general public...yeah, right. :)

[h/t to C2C AM]

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