Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sarcastic Twittery: Exopolitics on my Mind

I have grazed the subject of exopolitics...reluctantly...on a few occasions. But I was directed to an article by UFO Bits' Pundit-in-Chief Regan Lee, and felt that I should respond. But rather than reply in blog comments...I am far too wordy...I figured it was as good a time as any to jump in with my full tuppence worth. So, here we go.

But should be stated that I have great respect for Regan and her compendium blog. I've seen many great riffs there that I would have missed otherwise. This post is not a slight to her in any way, only a record of my stance on exopolitics. She just got me wound up on the subject. Way to freaking GO, R!!!! :) So now...WHEEEEE!...
Exopolitics...many of those that find it a worthy pursuit feel that those that don't are arrogant. I find the reverse to be far more defensible.

My perspective...

If an alien species has been or ever does visit here, it would be quite arrogant in my view to believe that they would in any way resemble physical, mental, psychological, motivational...or political...aspect.

They might find that our...all too human...history of "endo-politics" shows us to be highly suspect in such matters. A perceptive alien might be foolish to think otherwise, even if he just watched todays news.

To attempt to "prepare" a method for interacting with them would be like trying to prepare antibiotics for an infection that doesn't yet exist.

The monumental effort required...and the infinite possibilities needing to be so unlikely to be applicable as to make it a waste of resources...unless we are just very lucky. [See above re: our "endo-political" history. Lucky so far? If todays news informs, not so]

If we were to learn (via Disclosure) that aliens had already been here, exopolitics would be unnecessary, since there would already be a protocol established for communication between us and them, unless the government just keeps the aliens penned up somewhere with no attempt to discern their motives, physiology, etc...a HIGHLY unlikely scenario in my view. Some even claim we already have treaties with them.

When explorers (or missionaries) went into the wilds to search for native groups with which to interact (or convert), did they presume that they could prepare ahead of time for how to communicate, or how to bargain with them, or how to determine their political motivations? Nope. They did as all explorers (or missionaries) do. They just went "that way" with their wits (or their Bibles) until they came upon someone, and the process began at that moment.

The (eventually-marginalized) Native Americans, the (eventually-"civilized") Masai, the (eventually-extincted) Incas, and the (eventually-enslaved) name a few...stand as a testament to our (in)abilities regarding interactions with "alien races". The record is less than stellar, and these peoples looked a lot more like their discoverers than your stereotypical grey.

Just because we are a few years advanced from that reality says nothing for our preparedness to face a species perhaps millions of years ahead of us. In fact, we should pray that they are not like us at all.

Arrogance is presuming to know...and claiming to understand and prepare for...what you cannot know.

Presuming ones own ignorance of things unknown, and waiting to know more before getting "political" is decidedly not is intellectually economical and prudent. It's downright...gasp...conservative! Our pompous exopolitical musings might even antagonize them...could even cause an intergalactic incident!

All that aside and more to the point, any species able to travel here from somewhere "else" will be far more likely than we to decide the terms, conditions and language through which we interact, or even if we do.

Would our grandiose exopolitical twaddle necessarily be expected to mean anything at all to them beyond mere amusement, much less impress them?

"Lord, what fools these 'humans' be!", might be their refrain, forgetting the inherent...and quite possibly mistaken... presumption that they even have mouths or brains or language, or an alphabet, or an opinion, or a sense of humor, or a Shakespeare...or sarcastic twits like me. :)

Now that's arrogance in my view.
Well, that's my take. My blog comments are non-moderated, so have at me if you feel compelled. I will honestly consider any alternative viewpoint that doesn't begin by claiming I'm being arrogant. LOL Any that do will be summarily ignored...I got a life! :)

Any claims that I am a sarcastic twit will be treated as at least a sign of intelligent life in the universe. To do any less would be...arrogant, no?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What gets me wet...

More pictures of the day...

Here's the view down the street...from the edge of our driveway. The rain is supposedly about done for the day. Of course, Wednesday is garbage day in these parts, so the debris is what used to be in the garbage cans...the trash company took the day off. Wonder why?

Here's the view across the street. The neighbor kid is moving some debris that washed "ashore", spoiling their waterfront vista.

Weather in Houston in the summertime can be a real "beach".

Glub, Glub, Glub, Lookin' Out My Front Door...

Well, this IS the view out my front door this morning. Between me and the mailbox, there's a front yard and a sidewalk.

Just beyond the mailbox there's a street...yup, under there somewhere.

Anne is staying home from work since our submarine is in the shop...

It looks like there's more watery goodness on the way, as well.

I realize that Houston is known for its humidity, but this is rather absurd.

[H/T to Creedence for the inspiration of this post title]

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Disclosure...what it means.

In any discussion of UFOs amongst even those with a cursory interest in the phenomena, the term "disclosure" inevitably comes up.

For many of these folks...again including even the uninitiated...there is a flat acceptance that the government or military has secrets regarding UFOs which it stubbornly keeps from public knowledge and scrutiny.

Several groups through the years have attempted to wrest such information from the government. CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) , "The Disclosure Project", and myriad individuals...Stan Friedman notable among them...wielding FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests are just a few examples.

The one common thread which ties all these groups and individuals together is the belief that government keeps secrets that they should not...a belief that government keeps secrets of convenience as well as for reasons of national security, scientific advantage, or other "valid" justifications.

The current Bush administration has often been called "the - most - secretive" of recent administrations, and for reasons far removed from any question of UFOs. A brief and none too comprehensive list...

The details of the Vice-President's Energy Policy discussions.
The true costs of the Medicare "prescription drug" plan signed into law by the President.
The nature and extent of the domestic eavesdropping program(s) initiated after 9/11.
The nature and level of debate amongst intelligence agencies regarding Iraq's - WMD - programs.

And most recently, the revelation that the administration...and intelligence agencies ...has known for some time about a "heavy water" processing plant under construction in Pakistan, but kept it quiet.

This latest bit of "secrecy" is particularly troubling in that Congress is soon set to debate our relationship with India and Pakistan...with a keen eye on nuclear proliferation in the region...and this information was discovered and disclosed to Congressional officials by an independent watchdog group, rather than by the administration. The administration claimed that the information was withheld because it might "aggravate concerns in India...".

But this facility is not unknown to India. The only plausible reason for keeping Congress in the dark would be to tilt the debate on nuclear technology transfers to India. If news of further proliferation was kept from Congressional debate, the transfer of such technologies to India could be seen as "unprovocative". This newly uncovered information however might well have a large effect on Congressional approval for "adding fuel to the fire", as it were.

As Pakistan has made clear, it was not Pakistan but India who joined the "nuclear club" first, and proved its capability by detonating a nuclear weapon. And as a sovereign nation concerned with its own defense, Pakistan feels rightly justified in keeping up with its rival...just as it was between the US and the Soviet Union in decades past.

US policy...vis a vis the Bush administration...could do well with an alteration of this secretive trend. The United States was formed under the assumption that each branch of government would provide oversight...a balance of power...over the others.

But with such pervasive secrecy...especially regarding important bipartisan issues...hampering the rightful roles of the branches as proscribed, we face more bad decisions, continued loss of standing amongst our peer nations, and a severe affront to our Constitutional legacy.

Amidst this scenario, what are the chances of ANY disclosure of UFO-related matters?

Slim and None...and Slim just headed for the coast.

For UFO disclosure proponents and Americans at large...if not the world...the best hope is that the pendulum of "secrecy for its own sake" swings hard and fast in the other direction.

Now more than ever, open government is in ALL our best interests, lest we suffer further bad decisions and unquestioned policies. Now more than ever before in our lifetimes, our vote stands as a loud and clear declaration that this is not how we...or our fore-fathers...intended our government to be run.

And if the pendulum swings as far the other way as it has THIS way, UFO disclosure may well fall within our there anything to disclose.

Kyle King

Monday, July 24, 2006

UFOR BotW...#3

[Click image to view full-size]

Robed and bespangled, our latest Miss Monday smolders despite the accoutrement, and positively glows. She casts her eyes into the distance, to peer into unknown realms...her domain of choice.

From a "Goth" shoot...not enough of those these days.

If she looks familiar, it must be a coincidence. :)

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